Store Policy


Thank you for shopping with Supreme Yoni LLC.  We specialize in all natural and organic skincare, helping both men & women from all over the world feel confident from the inside out. Our products are handcrafted for people like YOU who have sensitive skin. Every product is made with love so please allow 2-4 business days for pickup orders and 3-5 business days of processing for shipping orders. The shipping time frame purchased with USPS is how long your package will take to be delivered after it has left our care. Supreme Yoni LLC is not responsible for damaged products or lost packages.

If you are pregnant, please contact your physician before using any of our products containing essential oils and herbs.


How To Care for your Products

         Do NOT allow your all natural soap bars to sit in water. After use, place in a dry area so that your soap doesn’t ruin since there aren’t any preservatives used in of any of our soaps. A soap dish with drainage holes is ideal.

 Our all natural products must be used within 6 months to a year. Store all products that are not being used in a cool dry and dark area to preserve oil potency- especially our body butters. If mold or bacteria grow on your product, we are not responsible. This is why it is very important for you to follow proper storage care of your products.

Since all of our soap is handmade, we cannot duplicate the exact designs although we strive to achieve consistency each time. We follow the exact recipe each time a bar or loaf is made, all of our bars can look different than what is shown in pictures. Please keep in mind that all soaps containing colorants could potentially stain light colored wash cloths. It is best to test a small area first or use a dark colored wash cloth.

Sugar scrubs, soap bars & other products contain colorants, botanicals, herbs, and other natural ingredients. Supreme Yoni LLC products may leave behind residue on bathroom surfaces such as your tub or shower. Simply wipe the excess with a wet cloth after use and clean using your normal routine.

We strive to produce the best quality of products and remain consistent in the appearance of each product. Size, weight and color may vary due to the nature of each product being made in batches though the ingredients, smell, texture and recipe remain the same.

Actual results of any Supreme Yoni LLC products are not guaranteed. We do not claim that any of our products will cure or treat any medical conditions. Our descriptions and product claims are based on our own research, past performance and customer feedback. Before purchasing, if you have any concern regarding any of our ingredients, please email us at Please allow 24hrs - 48hrs for all email & SMS response times. By purchasing any Supreme Yoni products, you accept full responsibility of reading and agreeing to this disclaimer and using your own discretion towards any Supreme Yoni purchase. Supreme Yoni LLC accepts no responsibility for incorrect use of our products. Our products are not FDA approved yet. All products are crafted per product description. If you have any questions about a product, please ask before purchasing. We are NOT physicians and do NOT claim to be. We can only offer personal advice from our own experience and education. 

Natural ingredients used are listed in all product packaging.