What Is A Yoni?

The Yoni is a term for the female genitalia, vagina and the Womb. It literally means sacred place. At Supreme Yoni LLC, we strive to provide products to keep your vaginal area and sacred places clean and free of toxins.


Am I able to add another product to my order that has already been placed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to add products to orders that have already been placed. Since all of our products are handcrafted, all orders are processed in the order in which they are recieved. In the case where you would like to add another product, you will have to place another order 


How do I use the Yoni bar soap?

With any and all of our Yoni soap bars you are able to shower from head to toe as well as any and all skincare and facial care soap bars.


Are all of your products all natural?

Yes. All products created and sold at Supreme Yoni are all natural, organic and made with love and good intentions.


How do I use the Supreme Yoni Oil and what can I expect?


* How to use Yoni oil :

  After your shower or bath, shake your bottle well before use . Use dropper to squeeze 3-4 drops of oil on to your finger and apply to vaginal opening, clitoris,  inner labias and/or inner thigh area. The oil mixture will have your kitty slippery & fresh !


* What to expect : 

Mild tingling sensation may occur. Increased vaginal wetness. Elimination of bacterial growth. If you experience irritation, please discontinue use.